How do I find a Fighting Irish Pub Network (FIPN) location?

To find a FIPN pub, bar, or restaurant location press the ‘Find a Pub’ menu button at the bottom of the app. You will then be given all the FIPN locations near you based on your location. You can zoom in and out on the map and search different areas.

What makes the FIPN locations unique?

As a part of FIPN, the pubs, bars, and restaurants are recommended to: 1. Play Notre Dame football games and other athletics content if available on broadcast, with sound as requested 2. Fly Fighting Irish Pub Network flag (flag provided) 3. If available, carry the ACC Network as part of your cable package from your current provider 4. Promote the Fighting Irish Pub Network partners at pub and on social (i.e. specials, giveaways, Notre Dame Alumni Association) 5. Incorporate select Notre Dame traditions (e.g. play the Notre Dame Victory March and the toast at the start of the game)

How do I check in to receive points?

To check in, make sure location services are enabled on your phone. The app will automatically reward you with points based on your location.

What is the difference between ‘Official Game Watch’ and ‘Game Watch’ locations?

‘Official Game Watch’ locations are pubs, bars, and restaurants with a Notre Dame Club affiliation in that market. ‘Game Watch’ locations are pubs, bars, and restaurants that have no affiliation; however, consider themselves to be a Notre Dame establishment.

How can you tell the difference between ‘Official Game Watch’ and ‘Game Watch’ locations?

‘Official Game Watch’ locations are differentiated by the green shamrock logo, official game watch graphic, Notre Dame Club name and website on the ‘Find A Pub’ page. ‘Game Watch’ locations are represented by a gold circle icon on the map and a Fighting Irish Pub graphic on the ‘Find A Pub’ page.

How do I redeem prizes/sweepstakes?

To use your points towards prizes, go to the ‘Prizes’ menu button and select one of the prizes available. Then, enter how many entries you want to purchase and press ‘Add to Cart’. Enter your address and then press ‘Submit Order’. You will then be contacted by a Notre Dame representative if you win.

How can I find future Notre Dame game watch locations?

You can find upcoming games by going to the ‘Schedule’ menu button at the bottom of the app. You can see past and future events by the gold dot indication below each date with a game watch. Press the right or left arrow at the top of the page to see past or future events.

How does a pub, bar or restaurant become a part of the FIPN?

Go to the More menu button and click on the FIPN Sign-Up Form.

What if I still have questions?

Feel free to contact us at: NDFIPN-list@nd.edu